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Len Mclachlan
Pizza is excellent. Disappointed in the lack of pasta selection...what happened to all the choices you had?
Mick Winterton
Thanks once again for a speedy delivery of your delicious pizzas
Murray Howden
Fast and efficient
Robert Nolan
Easy ordering online. Pizza and garlic bread ready to be picked up. Capriciossa pizza was good. I must see if there is a thin based pizza. Keep forgetting to order it.
Rebecca Gilham
Fantastic as always
Maria Grace
ordering online and receiving the text was awesome, however no idea how big each size was and ended up with two huge family pictures and only consumed half of each. could have saved ourselves waste and money if we knew.
Claire Richards
I don't bother ordering pizza any other way but online now... too easy
Darren Miller
Every time i order the pizza is perfect delivery guy is polite cant say a bad word
Pizzas were the best we have had since moving to Victoria.... delicious!!!
Nicole Germershausen
fast service and best food EVER!!!!! Thanks
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